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Mixing Desk

Recording, Audio & Mix Engineering Services:

Get More Out of the Music You're Making!

There is a lot of sales pitching in the recording studio business, but very few people actually know how to do what they are talking about.

Hire an engineer that does.


• Record Your Music
• Work in a Professional Pro Tools HD3 Studio
• Mix up to 96 Tracks of 24 bit Digital Audio
• Get Your Productions Radio Ready
• Use High End Outboard Equipment
• Mix and Master Your Music for Release!

Many artists & musicians think that they can come in, lay down their parts and walk out with a radio ready record the same day. Many people assume that a Recording Studio, a Mixing Studio and a Mastering Studio should be basically the same place. Studios play into these misconceptions. Sell the people what they want to buy, its a culture of instant gratification, so why not?

The wrong mix can make you sound less talented than you actually are!

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